Upload BLOB to Azure Container


Let’s create a Mule flow which upload the JSON BLOB message to Azure BLOB container.

Create a HTTP listener to accept JSON request

Upload BLOB to Azure Container


Next we will store the request in local file

Upload BLOB to Azure Container


We will also accept filename as query param which will be used as Name of Blob

Upload BLOB to Azure Container


In Azure Storage we will use “Upload blob from path” operation


Before this we will place Transformation to accept the required payload

  • Container – name of the container where we want to upload
  • filename – name of the Blob which will be uploaded
  • filepath – file path of the file which need to be uploaded


Once done we can set the last transformation to reply with success message


Will run the mule flow and call the service through SOAP UI


And we can see the message in Azure container


Also please see

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Mulesoft Corporate Training

thanks for sharing nice information…

5 years ago

Great article. Good to understand for everyone.

MuleSoft Corporate Training

thanks for sharing nice information….

2 years ago

I want to implement same thing In mule 4, how this can be done? Please help with suggestion.