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An excellent tutorial ….God Bless you its really superb to update the knowledge ….seriously wonderful to learn and improve skills with the above you have provided ….keep it up


Great article. Good to understand for everyone.


The articles are great

Fahim Ukani

My name is Fahim and I recently started working in Mulesoft and I have sought so much advantage from your work. The Mulesy website is amazing and therefore I would like to take a moment and thank you for the amazing work that you are doing for helping new learners like me.

Keep up the good work.

Prashant N

Site is very good and helpful for muleys

Shani Jaiswal

Simple and detailed explanation . Was able to make it work in a single shot without any issues.

Radhesham Pandit

Good site for MuleSoft developers. It’s made simple to learn from here and all concepts explain in easy and quite simple language. Love it.

This site is very helpful

This site is very helpful and very easy to understand.

Mulesy is an excellent website

Mulesy is an excellent website to learn MuleSoft. I have been browsing through various articles and POCs and it has helped a lot in getting a clear understanding of various Mule topics. Its rich content of easy to understand materials is an awesome way to learn, for both beginners and experienced professionals. Thank you Mulesy team!

Abbas Shaik

The best tutorial point i have seen to learn MuleSoft


Very well done! *claps*

Excellent tutorials, slick explanation.


Great for beginners and amazing POCs for anyone to refer


I am new to Integration or middleware tool, your complete guidance helped me lot to understand the concepts. Thank u very very very much.

Collated from

Collated from

I was skeptical about this and I haven’t spent much time digging into the site. But, it looks like a good resource for someone who’s trying learn Mule and could use free training or find something to compliment the official mulesoft training.


I love this website. Another very good resource I have used is . This blog site has been great and linked me to some pretty good resources on error handling.


Nishanth Reddy

Excellent material available for new beginners. Really liked your work !!!
Keep up good work, All the best !!!!!



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