Publish to SNS


The Publish action sends a message to all of a topic’s subscribed endpoints. A returned messageId indicates that the message was saved and Amazon SNS will attempt to deliver it to the topic’s subscribers shortly. The format of the outgoing message to each subscribed endpoint depends on the notification protocol selected. Lets see how we can publish to SNS

Create project in Anypoint studio and configure the listener to trigger the flow

Drag and drop publish operation and provide the connector configuration

Publish to SNS


Topic ARN: The topic you want to publish to.

To get the topic arn you can get the arn value from Amazon SNS Service as shown below

Publish to SNS


Message:The message you want to send to the topic.

Subject:Optional parameter to use as the “Subject” line when the message is delivered to email endpoints

Publish to SNS


Create the transform message to send the message to subscribed endpoint as a string value

%dw 2.0
output application/json

Publish to SNS


See below url to check when we need to send the string message and when as a json object

Create the transform message to send messageid

%dw 2.0
output application/json

Deploy the project and trigger to test from soapui


You can see the message received on endpoint as shown below

Sample application : publishmessagetosnstopic sample

Soap ui sample project: PublishtoSnsTopic-soapui-project

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