Key MuleSoft Software


Below are the list of all the Key MuleSoft Software needed.

Anypoint Platform – It’s a MuleSoft Cloud platform through which an user can develop, deploy, manage, secure and reuse the APIs within Organization. Most of the things we have covered in earlier post are available in Anypoint Platform.

To Start with a user can sign up for free 30 days trail account for proper evaluation.

In case if above link doesn’t work, please try below one


Anypoint Studio – MuleSoft IDE to develop, test and deploy APIs to Anypoint Platform

old binaries – AnyPoint Studio All Installation Binaries


Mule runtime engine – is an engine to deploy and run mule applications. Same mule runtime is available in Anypoint Platform as iPaaS offering. It’s used in on-premise environment.


POSTMAN or SOAP UI – are the software used to call APIs for testing purpose. these are helpful in creating LOAD testing test suites and can be configured with CI/CD pipeline for validation purpose.



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