Install different mule runtime


There is always a need to install different mule runtime version in studio. Cloudhub provide different runtime option at the time of deployment and if any organizations is having Cloudhub environment then they might run different mule application on different mule runtime.

To install different runtime on your Anypoint Studio

Go to -> Help -> Install New Software

Install different mule runtime version in studio


Select Mule Runtime for Anypoint Studio

Install different mule runtime version in studio


This will show the available option as per Anypoint Studio version

Install different mule runtime version in studio


Select the mule runtime version you need


Click Next


Click Finish and this will install the runtime in Anypoint Studio

To run your application on particular mule runtime then update the pom.xml app.runtime entry accordingly.

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3 months ago

Where could I find the Mule 4 Community Edition Runtime.