Nice you made a decision to learn MuleSoft technology but from where to start it’s always a big question, as you don’t want to waste your time which is not meaningful or helpful. So ease out this process we have come up with easy to follow Mulesoft Tutorials for Beginners.

We try to simplify the learning path  🙂


Step 1. MuleSoft as a product and why it’s needed

MuleSoft as Middleware Solution

Step 2. Every technology has it’s own life cycles so same way we should know the MuleSoft API lifecycle

MuleSoft API lifecycle

Step 3. Now you have theoretical knowledge  of MuleSoft API lifecycle, let’s checkout the same in action

MuleSoft API lifecycle – Use Case

Step 4. Now you poses good understanding of MuleSoft, let’s have all tools to start with

Key MuleSoft Software

Step 5. Go through MuleSoft online training available free of cost

Mule 4 U Development Fundamentals


Please do let us know if you think we should include other details as well – Suggestion

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