Error Handling in Batch Job


Handling error in batch job becomes quite a tricky thing as we have to understand how batch job take care of different exception or error.

Any error occur inside batch job will never propagate to Main flow error handler – so below On Error Continue will not be called. But if error occurs in the Source section then it will come to Main Flow error handler.

Error Handling in Batch Job


In both Process Records and On Complete section if any error occurred, it will not be thrown to above/main flow. Main flow Error is never called by any error occurring in Batch Job processing.

Error Handling in Batch Job


Also while doing the configuration of Batch Job, Please select the Max Failed Records value accordingly

  • maxFailedRecords – 0 – Stop processing when a failed record is found.
    maxFailedRecords – -1 – Continue processing indefinitely, regardless of the number of failed records.
    maxFailedRecords – integer – Continue processing until reaching maximum number of failed records.

To handle error within Batch Job

Different options we can go for as per our business need

1 – Add try catch activity in Batch Steps

Error Handling in Batch Job


This help in catching the actual error trace for the record and doing the required error handling

After catching the exception we can have two scenarios e.g. On error continue or On error propagate

On error continue – Choose this if we want to consume the error and resume the process after try-catch activity

So in below the execution will be like

      • Raise error
      • Logger for Try Catch
      • After Try Catch
      • Batch_Step_Failed_Records will be not called as the records in never marked as error


On error propagate Choose this if we want to throw error at Batch Job level and want to stop the processing for the error record

So in below the execution will be like

      • Raise error
      • Logger for Try Catch
      • Batch_Step_Failed_Records will be called as the records in marked as error


2- Add a batch step with accept policy as “ONLY_FAILURES” to know all those records which have failed in earlier batch steps. This will not provide the actual error trace but only provide the records which failed. Actual error trace will be in logs which can be analysed later


So in above image – Failed Records Logger – we can only see the payload record which is failed but not actual error associated with it

Similarly if we have to perform any bulk operation then we can add aggregator

Batch Aggregator with Aggregator as Streaming can collect all the failed records and perform the logic like sending the details in Email, DB or Queue (as per our error handling need)


Sample applicationbatch-job-sample-error-handling

Sample CSV – Sample


This use case is based on our previous tutorial – Process CSV file using Batch Job

Thank you for taking out time to read the above post. Hope you found it useful. In case of any questions, feel free to comment below. Also, if you are keen on knowing about a specific topic, happy to explore your recommendations as well.
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