Disaster recovery for Anypoint MQ


In this tutorial we will show you how can we enable the cross region failover capability for Anypoint MQ to manage the disaster recovery for Anypoint MQ in case of any network outage for the complete region where Anypoint MQ is running.




  • When you enable failover for a queue, and When the connector detects that the primary region is down Anypoint MQ automatically creates a fallback queue in a fallback region. If a Mule app can’t reach an Anypoint MQ server in a region, it switches to the fallback queue to publish and consume messages.
  • This feature provides resiliency by switching to a fallback queue in a fallback region when the primary region is down. It doesn’t provide data redundancy by replicating messages across the primary and fallback queues.
  • Periodically checks if the primary region is back up,when the connector detects that it can communicate with the primary region, it switches processing back to the primary queue. The consumer continues to read from the fallback queue until all messages in that queue are processed
  • Failover support requires Anypoint MQ Connector 4.0.7 or later
  • Failover is supported for standard queues only not for FIFO
  • Mulesoft GOV cloud not supported failover because it is deployed only in one region
  • Failover feature is not enabled by default
  • You can disable the failover queue, but after disabling the queue you need to restart the mule application

To enable this feature you need to visit Anypoint MQ Web UI and Create the anypoint MQ and select the Enable the Cross Region Failover as ON and select the fall back region, anypoint MQ will create the fallback queue

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