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What is RAML? 

  • RAML stands for Restful API Modelling Language,
  • RAML is a well-defined contract in a human readable format to actually exist as your source code
  • it is open-specification language built on YAML 1.2 and JSON for describing Restful APIs.
  • Restful API Modelling Language (RAML) makes it easy to manage the API lifecycle from design to deployment to sharing. It’s concise and reusable; you only have to write what you need to define and you can use it again and again.           

What are API Fragments in RAML

API Fragment is part of RAML specification; it is not in itself a complete RAML specification. These are the small reusable component used in API specification. You can create fragment and publish it to exchange to make it reuse in the organization. Example of Fragments: Library, Data Type etc.

                        Please visit this url to get more information 

Why we use Design Center

  • Design center can be used to write API definitions with RAML using API Designer
  • You can also create API Fragment in RAML, after you create a specification or fragment you can publish it to Anypoint Exchange so that it can be reused in the organization
  • Design center can also be used to create mule applications using flow designer

                    Please visit this url for more information


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3 years ago

What are the connectors used to connect in between the experience api — process api and system api’s?

Anu Jain
Anu Jain
2 years ago

how we can add new resources in future in RAML.

2 years ago

what is CRM ?why we use CRM connecter