Dequeue message from Azure Queue

Lets create a mule service which will poll the Azure queue every 10 seconds and print the same in Logger.

For testing we can push message to Azure Queue


In Mule floe set Polling frequency –


Azure Storage configuration – put the queue name


Payload we receive from Azure Storage will be of CloudQueueMessage Object so we have to add transformation to get the required details


Once we transform the payload to JSON we will see the dequeue message through Logger message


above we can see the polled message from Azure queue

same message is no longer available in Azure Queue


This operation will Dequeue message one at a time – so if polling frequency is 10 sec and 5 messages are on Azure queue then in 50 seconds all message will be read.

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Raml Setpayload
Raml Setpayload
2 years ago

Could you please tell me the class name used in first transform message