Delete EBS Volume using amazon EC2 connector


Delete EBS Volume deletes the specified EBS volume. The volume must be in the available state (not attached to an instance). The volume can remain in the deleting state for several minutes.


  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user account credentials
  • Access to EC2

Create project in Anypoint studio and configure the listener

Drag and drop delete volume operation and configure the AWS access and secret key

Delete EBS Volume


Configure the volumeId

To Get the volumeId login to amazon console and open EC2 instances and select the volumeId to delete the volume

Delete EBS Volume


Select and add delete volume palette in the mule flow as shown below. provide the volume id of the EBS volume which you want to delete


Deploy the project and trigger the request

EBS Volume gets deleted, now there is no volume in us-east region

Sample application: deletevolume sample application

More detail on Amazon EBS volume

MuleSoft Amazon EC2 Connector

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