Debug Dataweave in MuleSoft


Dataweave is the most used activity in MuleSoft integration and it’s too much of time to come up with a correct dataweave. With this post we like to highlight how quickly you can debug and test your dataweave in MuleSoft

Let’s start with debugging dataweave in MuleSoft applicaiton

if we have to test the below dataweave for input payload [1,2,3,4,5]

Debug Dataweave in MuleSoft


Add a breakpoint on transformation activity

Debugging Dataweave in MuleSoft


Run the application in debug mode and call the api

Debugging Dataweave in MuleSoft


Click on watch expression window and pin it, so that it will not close when u move to other window.

Debugging Dataweave in MuleSoft


Now we have to make the dataweave text in single line to test it

Copy dataweave and paste in Notepad++


Select the text and press CTRL + J – this will remove the new line character from the text


Copy and test the expression in expression window to see the result


If u feel you have to change in dataweave then go back to Notepad++ and press CTRL + Z to undo the hide new line. Make the necessary change and retest in your expression window.

Hope this will help 🙂

Download Notepad++

Thank you for taking out time to read the above post. Hope you found it useful. In case of any questions, feel free to comment below. Also, if you are keen on knowing about a specific topic, happy to explore your recommendations as well.
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2 years ago

an excellent tutorial ….God Bless you its really superb to update the knowledge ….seriously wonderful to learn and improve skills with the above you have provided ….keep it up