API Proxy – Creating proxy service in API Manager


MuleSoft provide both API Management and Development platform for APIs. In any Organization there can be legacy web services which are still consumable but are not as advance as today’s service e.g. Security, Threat detection, HTTPS and other feature. API Manager provide you an out of the box feature to create proxy web service on the go and which can sit before the actual web service and in this way a legacy service can be accessed in more advanced way.

It can provide different features which are not there with the legacy web services like API monitoring, applying different OOTB policies and other management tools.

Think Organization have below legacy service which they want to share with their vendors/client


will use below GET API for testing



Goto API manager and click Manage API

Create proxy service


Select Create new API and select HTTP API as Asset type

Create proxy service


Select “Endpoint with Proxy”, Cloudhub and Implementation URL and Click Save

Create proxy service


This will create API Manager Configuration and initially it will show API Status Unregistered

Create proxy service


Now go to Deployment Configuration and select the mule runtime and proxy application name and click Deploy

Create proxy service



Popup will come and show the progress and once complete, click close

Create proxy service


API Status is change to Active


We can see the proxy application in runtime manager


Now we will construct the new URL


To construct the URL we should consider the implementation URL also – https://gorest.co.in/public-api

Proxy URL – http://myuser.us-e2.cloudhub.io will be equal to implementation URL

And then we add the rest of the URL



Now we can take the advantage of API Manager Out of the box feature without implementing them in legacy web services


Thank you for taking out time to read the above post. Hope you found it useful. In case of any questions, feel free to comment below. Also, if you are keen on knowing about a specific topic, happy to explore your recommendations as well.
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Shani Jaiswal
Shani Jaiswal
1 year ago

While implementing this use case , got this error :
To allow requests to /, add the following to your environment configuration:

config.hosts << "/"

Please guide me on this .

Last edited 1 year ago by Shani Jaiswal
3 months ago

whats the exact definition of proxy server and proxy service???