Configure Anypoint MQ In Mule


In this tutorial we will demonstrate how can we  Configure Anypoint MQ In Mule

Anypoint MQ is a multi-tenant, cloud messaging service that enables customers to perform advanced asynchronous messaging scenarios between their applications. Anypoint MQ is fully integrated with Anypoint Platform, offering role-based access control, client management, and connectors.

Anypoint MQ does not support use with CloudHub Insight or Anypoint Monitoring. Instead, you can use the Anypoint MQ usage graphs to access usage information. You can view the current and past usage, including consumed data, API requests, and the total number of messages received. You can also use the Anypoint MQ Stats API to perform statistical analysis of queue performance.

login in to anypoint platform and click on anypoint MQ

click on Add button

Configure Anypoint MQ In Mule


It will provide you three options to choose from

Configure Anypoint MQ In Mule


  • Queue – is a storage area where messages are stored where an application/service can send and receive messages to a queue
  • FIFO queue – is same as normal queue but here ordering of message is maintained whereas in normal queue order is not maintained
  • Exchange – is somewhat similar to JMS Topic but here the subscriber are limited to number of queues bound to a particular Exchange e.g. Exchange 1 is bind to Queue 1,2 and 3 – if any message is send to Exchange 1 then it will be forwarded to all 3 queues

For information on this please see –

Let’s create a sample queue:-

Now we can see the Queue is successfully created

Configure Anypoint MQ In Mule

To access the MQ we need to create Client Apps id

Go to Client Apps and click on Add button

you can see client app is successfully created


Copy the Client App ID and Client Secret –  we required these details to Authenticate our mule service while connecting to Anypoint MQ

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