API Groups In Mulesoft


API groups in mulesoft is a new feature added where you can club your multiple API’s and organise the API’s on the basis of domains, envoirnment and business groups you can apply SLA on the top of the Group so that it can be apply to all the API instances in api group

Features of API Group:

  • We can create API Group for individual Organization as well for envoirnment
  • Versioning can be done for API Group
  • API Groups can be promote from one envoirnment to another
  • API group can be modified and deleted,deprecate as well,either you can add or delete API instances

Benefits of API Group:

  • By using API Group you can club same set of API’s which simplify the asset discovery
  • You can define the SLA on API Group which would be applicable for all the API Instances in the group
  • By Publishing the API Group on exchange we can make it available for consumers
  • Single client application we need to maintain

Create API Group

To Create API group we first created three individual API’s Instances and deploy the same on cloudhub, and add the API’s to API group, here we have created a company group which consist of customer,vendor and employee API’s


Click on API Manager


Click on API Group and provide the details


Add the individual API Instances to API Group


API instances are added to API Group which are in active status


Publish the API Group on Exchange


Request Access from exchange

API Groups In Mulesoft


We can see the different SLA associated with each API

API Groups In Mulesoft


Now we can apply the SLA Tier on API group and test the individual API’s from SOAPUI to verify if the SLA Tier applied correctly on Individual API’s


We have configured 2 Req to process per minute

API Groups In Mulesoft


Retrieved the api group client_id and client_secret

API Groups In Mulesoft


Test the Individual API from SOAP-UI, to test the API we need to client_Id and client_Secret for the API-GROUP

Test for Employee API

API Groups In Mulesoft


Now if we trigger more than 2 Request in a minute we will get the error as quota has been exceeded

API Groups In Mulesoft


Test For vendor API

API Groups In Mulesoft


API Groups In Mulesoft

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