Add Secure Property plugin or editor


This is a useful plugin when you have to encrypt or decrypt secure properties in MuleSoft application. it’s quite easy to Add Secure Property plugin or editor in Anypoint studio.

Add plugin to Studio

Go to Help -> Install New Software

Add Secure Property plugin or editor


Add in URL

Add Secure Property plugin or editor


Select Premium and click next

Add Secure Property plugin or editor


Click next and select accept


And Click Finish to install the plugin


Select Install anyway


Restart now and this will restart the Anypoint Studio


Encrypt and Decrypt properties file


Create new file


Provide the file name


Open the file using Mule Properties editor


Click the add button on top to add the properties


Provide the key details and click encrypt


Select the algorithm and algorithm key – this key needs to be taken care as through this only any value can be decrypted


Value will be encrypted now

Add Secure Property plugin or editor


Click ok and now we can see the key/value pair in properties file

Add Secure Property plugin or editor


Also, We can now encrypt and decrypt the text and file (limited to YAML file only) directly using Thanks Abu Abdilmajid for providing us this detail.


Thank you for taking out time to read the above post. Hope you found it useful. In case of any questions, feel free to comment below. Also, if you are keen on knowing about a specific topic, happy to explore your recommendations as well.
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2 years ago

It’s showing error as “couldn’t find

3 months ago
Reply to  manish

For me also same

Abu Abdilmajid
Abu Abdilmajid
1 year ago

An even easier way to encrypt secure properties without installing any plugin (though only works with YAML files):

1 year ago
Reply to  admin

In this URL –, I have given the below details under both File and File Level tabs:

Input File – config.yaml
Output File Name – secure-config.yaml
Key – secure-config (key can be any name, right ?)

But, when I’m clicking on Generate button, no file is getting created.
Please assist.

If I’m giving single key-value under String tab, then it’s generating me an encrypted value.

1 year ago

Tried all the above….i see the mule properties editor in the software to install. But after the install and reboot, the mule properties editor does not show up. I just see the Properties File editor