Add Microsoft Service Bus connector in Anypoint Studio


Anypoint Connector for Service Bus  enables message integration with Windows Service Bus on-premises. The connector supports communication with queues and topics through Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) 1.0. In addition, dynamic discovery and provisioning of Service Bus objects is possible using the built-in management API

In this tutorial we will demonstrate how can we add Microsoft Service Bus connector in Anypoint Studio, to download the connector you should have anypoint credentials, once the connector will be downloaded a dependency for Service Bus Connector will automatically added in Pom.xml file


For integrating Mulesoft with Azure Service Bus – we have to first download the connector from Exchange in our Anypoint Studio


Click on Exchange,once exchange is open – kindly search for service bus connector, Connector will be downloaded as a dependency in pom.xml

Download the latest version in Anypoint Studio and in last we can see the connector in mule palette

Add Microsoft Service Bus connector in Anypoint Studio


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