Poll new file from SFTP location


Let’s see how we can poll a new file from SFTP location

Create a project in Anypoint Studio

Add On New or Updated file activity

Polling new file from SFTP location


Add the logger to print incoming filename

Polling new file from SFTP location


Add a logger to print file payload


Configure the SFTP connection


Provide the SFTP details and test the connection

  • Working directory – directory within the root directory
  • Host name – SFTP machine IP
  • Port – SFTP machine port
  • Username and password to authenticate the user


Configure the On New or Updated File activity


Key Configurations

  • Auto Delete – to delete the polled file
  • Move to directory – archiving the polled file to another directory
  • Rename to – renaming the polled file
  • Scheduling Strategy – this is quite import to make it real time or as n when required. If files are created at particular time then we can schedule it properly
  • Matcher – filtering the incoming file based on matcher condition
  • Directory – directory under working directory (define in SFTP configuration above) we want to poll
  • Recursive – if we want to poll sub directories as well
  • Watermark – hold the last execution details and poll the new files only which are created after the last execution


Once configured we can run the application and create a new file in SFTP location

Polling new file from SFTP location


We can see the logs in mule application

Polling new file from SFTP location


Sample Application – sftp-service


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