MuleSoft as Middleware Solution


MuleSoft is a platform/product for middleware need within an organization. Organization can have 100s of applications and different ERPs to run their day to day business operations. They can have different application like Salesforce, ERPs, E-commerce websites, Operational system and legacy systems. Organizations always want their system to be in sync so that they can operate all together and because of which integration need comes into picture. Below is comparison of legacy and MuleSoft API LED approch and how effectively MuleSoft fit as Middleware Solution.

Earlier integration implementation was more point to point within organization and that has its own set of challenges.

MuleSoft as Middleware Solution


  • Complexity – if system A is connected with B,C and D and if there is a change in A system then all other system need a change
  • Rigid Architecture – no space for change
  • Reliability – if one of the system fail then there is no reliable way of putting that system out of network and all communication with the system will be lost
  • Tightly Coupled – each system is connected with all other system so change in one system need a change in many different system

With all such issues a need was arise for middleware system

MuleSoft as Middleware Solution


This new middleware system will act as single point of system/platform through which any application within organization can exchange or share their data/information with another application. This removes the point to point integration complexities and challenges.

Advantages –

  • Remove earlier complexities of point to integration
  • Expose existing system functionalities as services within organization
  • Comes with reliability pattern for integrations
  • More agile – provide flexibility if there is a change required

MuleSoft is also a product based on middleware needs


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2 years ago

Excellent site for newbies and experts

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Great point. keep it up

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Great review

Dinkayehu Mesele
Dinkayehu Mesele
11 months ago

I was just wondering if you can teach me more about this stuff oh liked it tho.