Create Cosmos Database in Azure


This tutorial talks about how to create cosmos database in microsoft azure cloud platform.

Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s globally distributed, multi-model database service. To learn more about cosmos db then please see –

Let’s create Cosmos DB in Azure

Azure portal -> Cosmos DB -> Add

Create Cosmos DB in Azure


Add the Subscription, Resource Group and Account Name and select Core (SQL) as API

Create Cosmos DB in Azure


Click review and create and this will create Cosmos DB in Azure

Create Cosmos DB in Azure


Click on DB account and the select Container -> Browse


Click on Add Collection

Collection details

  • Database id – is like schema in relational DB
  • Container id – is like table in relational DB


  • Partition key – is the key on the basis of which you can group the different entry e.g. department
  • Unique keys – to add data integrity, making sure these keys have unique values


Click ok and this will create the Cosmos DB container in Azure


Go to Cosmos DB and click Keys


Please note down the URI and key as this will help us in authenticating the MuleSoft API call to Azure


PRIMARY KEY: 0SZd1Zs3hySH915hKBTQCbewWnzIEI4S2YK8yHDaRwMrnzrZSwaa0hHy8IW21x4qbsQoswWIh3FW8TOd0fpSYw==

Different SQL REST APIs available for different calls, please check yours as per your need.

  • Cosmos DB –
  • Create collection –
  • Create Document in Collection –

POSTMAN APIs for same –

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